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A network of certified organic farms in agroecology

Entrepreneurial farmers

The network is made up of farms whose economic and human viability

relies on the health of their regenerated ecosystems.

This network is initiated by certified organic farms in agroecology with ecosystem functioning.


These farms have the characteristic of being viable both economically and humanly and are ecologically efficient. Their surface area is greater than 30 ha. Smaller entities, part of a territorial cooperation dynamic, can be included.

They are certified in Organic Agriculture or hold another even more demanding label: Demeter, Nature et Progrès, Roc, Biocohérence for example.

These farms also have the common point of having developed at least two interconnected production workshops and a processing/sales workshop.

As diverse as these farms, or rather these ecosystems, are, their first attention was focused on the life of their soils. Aware of the challenges they face such as energy, water resources and feeding human beings, they work tirelessly to ensure and sustain the resilience of their systems.

This network, created to ensure the change of scale of agroecology in Europe, welcomes all farms which recognize themselves in this approach.

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