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Who are we ?

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This network is initiated by organic agroecological farms with ecosystem functioning. These farms have the characteristic of being viable both economically and humanly and their prosperity is ensured by the regeneration of social and environmental ecosystems. Their surface area is greater than 30 ha. Smaller entities, part of a territorial cooperation dynamic, can be included.

They are certified in Organic Agriculture or hold another even more demanding label: Demeter, Nature et Progrès, Roc, Biocohérence for example.

These farms also have the common point of having developed at least two interconnected production workshops and a processing/sales workshop.

As diverse as these farms, or rather these ecosystems, are, their first attention was focused on the life of their soils. Aware of the challenges they face such as energy, water resources and feeding human beings, they work tirelessly to ensure and sustain the resilience of their systems.

This network, created to ensure the change of scale of agroecology in Europe, welcomes all farms which recognize themselves in this approach.

June 12, 2024
Video to join EUFarms.

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Our common goal

Make our field experiences visible so that these agroecological farms, evaluated and measured, constitute a new model for European food systems.

Our way of producing by caring for living things is the only possible and desirable future.

We wish to support the agroecological transition through training, companionship, advice, sharing and promotion of our experiences in order to build a field network.

Our values

1 / Actions

Words but first ACTIONS and practices: we are entrepreneurs who manage pioneering and efficient farms, we take initiatives that commit us to the compromises that we must undertake between our values and our strategies (commercial or technical).

2 / Diversity

Our farms protect and regenerate biodiversity, natural resources and adapt to the challenges posed by climate change. From a human and social point of view, our farms explore and invent new models.

3 / Cooperation

The members of our network are part of an approach of transparency (open-source), they are open-minded, curious about others and if they network, are wary of ideologies.

4 / Enthusiasm

Our enthusiasm for doing our jobs should inspire vocations. We need many of us to create this world of tomorrow

5 / Equity

We bring added value back to our farms. We demonstrate inventiveness in creating circular economies on a regional scale.

6 / Viability, liveability and transmissibility

We pay attention to the viability, liveability and transferability of our farms.

Our vision of agroecology

Agroecology is based on organic farming and aims to enrich it in a spirit of regeneration of agroecosystems by drawing inspiration from nature.

Agroecology also means including our farms in territorial economies, promoting social equity.

Our references :

- Tomorrow, an agroecological Europe (Actes Sud), taking up the Ten Years For Agroecology (TYFA) scenario

- The 10 elements of agroecology - FAO


News from farms, agroecology and the network


April 2024

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May 2024

May 2024

We are happy to receive requests for membership in our associative network of farms and cooperatives.

To join, complete the online questionnaire, each request is studied at the monthly meeting of the EUfarms core group. Section: Get involved

From June, videos presenting agricultural issues and concrete proposals will be posted online regularly.


Merci pour votre message auquel nous répondrons dans les plus bref délais.

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